Instrumentos Eólicos

A few weeks ago I was questioned by some visitors of Bricomúsica about musical instruments that could be played by the wind.

This wasn’t something I had previous experience with, but I remembered reading somewhere about aeolian harps and the topic piqued my interest, so I set out to do some research in the internet.

It turns out this is not a very popular topic, so the information is scarce, but there’s enough for a head start.

Anyway this is my first experiment on the subject:

I actually found the results quite inspiring, so this is yet another topic deserving further exploration that worms its way into my agenda. So many ideas, so little time, and no cloning technology so I could get me a couple of “mes” to help!

Credit goes to:

  • Uli Wahl’s fabulous website about Wind Music.
  • This video about Wind Organs made with plastic bottles by bassling.