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Coltrabazz is a chamber work for double bass and piano in three movements.

It was composed in close cooperation with the amazing duo formed by Apostol Kossev (double bass) and Mariona Sarquella (piano), and I must thank them effusively for all I learned from them about the double bass and chamber music in general, and for all the work they put towards the premiere in De Doelen and the recording for Radio Rijnmond. Working with virtuosi is every composer’s wet dream, you can throw them anything and they will make it happen, even better than you ever imagined it.

Coltrabazz is a fusion of both my classical and jazz backgrounds, so it will doubtlessly disappoint most people from both sides. But I still chuckle every time I listen to it. The piece is based on John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps”; I invented a custom harmony system for it, and based the second movement on a small 4-voice canon I wrote over the “Trane Changes” chord progression.

This is the studio recording for Radio Rijnmod, aired on 13/06/2014:

Before getting my hands on that beautiful recording, this post featured a computer rendition, which I leave here as an example of how difficult it is to capture the energy and infinite nuances of a live performance by real, talented musicians:

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  1. Hola Luis:

    Felicitaciones. Habría que oirlo entero y con calidad sonora acústica, pero me gusta tu estética y sobre todo los intentos de puentes entre ambos mundos separados. Ya Walt Disney lo intentó (¿has visto una minipelícula de guerra entre la isla del jazz y la isla de la música clásica? yo se la pongo a los alumnos).

    Un abrazo


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