Jan 012011

xjadeo logoxjadeo is a software video player that displays a video-clip in sync with an external time source (MTC, LTC or JACK-transport). It is useful in soundtrack composition, video monitoring or any task that requires to synchronizing movie frames with audio events.

xjadeo supports a multitude of video file formats, display libraries and sync sources. It includes an optional GUI called qjadeo that provides setup options, file history, video import/transcoding and control of Xjadeo’s run-time parameters.

Primarily developed for the GNU/Linux operating system, there are also binaries available for Win32 and OSX.

The first version of xjadeo dates back to 2005, when I was commissioned the soundtrack for a short video clip and I found out there was no easy way to synchronize my audio software with a video player in Linux.

Some time later, hacker extraordinaire Robin Gareus jumped in and took the lead of the project, taking it to unprecedented levels of excellence and functionality. Since then I have side-stepped to a secondary role, but I still like to contribute to the project to the extent my available time allows me.

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