The project

“True Evil: Tale Of The Necromancer” was the working title for a 3D RPG game in the line of the Zelda or the Final Fantasy series.

This ambitious academic cooperation project combined the talents of several students from different institutions in Rotterdam: graphic designers from the Willem de Kooning Academie, programmers from the Zadkine Academie and yours truly, at the time student in the former Rotterdams Hogeschool voor Muziek en Dans, nowadays known as Codarts, Hogeschool voor de Kunst.

The scope of the project and the available resources were such that the actual completion of the game was out of the question. Nevertheless, the team managed to produce a small demo using the Unreal Engine.

As a curious side note, one of my jobs was to put music to a cut scene. At that time (2005), there wasn’t around any tool to visually synchronize audio and video for Linux, so I was forced to code my own. Thus was born xjadeo, my first foray in the field of Linux audio applications development.

To produce the soundtrack I used mainly MusE, fluidsynth, some soundfonts and LADSPA plugins. Since they never went beyond the draft stage the mixes are not too polished. The style is very mainstream, Nobuo Uematsu’s influence is all over the place.

Second Thoughts (cut scene)
Milenia’s Guard
Milenia’s Sewers (ambience)

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